Guidelines for Investment Strategies in Jewish Education Technology for Foundations

Guidelines for Investment Strategies in Jewish Education Technology for Foundations

What is a Learning Agenda?

A learning agenda is a set of broad questions that help an agency or foundation articulate its values across relevant program and policy areas, and to work more effectively and efficiently, particularly pertaining to evaluation, evidence, and decision-making.

Creating a learning agenda includes:

  1. gathering stakeholders
  2. reviewing the literature on the topic
  3. identifying and prioritizing the right questions to improve program effectiveness
  4. developing a plan for answering those questions
  5. implementing analyses
  6. involving key stakeholders
  7. acting on the findings by disseminating evidence around what works, for whom, and under what circumstances.

Embedding collaboration, coordination, learning, and sector-wide adaptation can maximize results through evidence-based decision making.

When implemented, a learning agenda encourages individuals and teams to learn from their own experience and from others. Such an approach thereby enhances program performance through evaluation and analysis. If sufficiently flexible, a learning agenda also helps staff and partners make course corrections throughout the life of a program.

Information sharing… Implications for funders

To quote Yogi Berra, When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Funders by nature seek to maximize impact. Given the catalytic nature of its potential impact, EdTech is particularly alluring. Many funders dive into the sector, only belatedly realizing the complexities inherent in leveraging technology for social good. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that funders employ a robust learning agenda. Doing so promotes data-driven decision-making and allows funders to expand, refine, and correct course.

How can funders best share this information? Options include:

  • convening sector-specific gatherings and conferences to stimulate collaboration
  • leveraging general events for Jewish EdTech specific break-away sessions
  • setting up repositories of useful information.

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”

Make a Difference and Contribute to the World of Jewish EdTech

As a potential funder looking to make an investment that contributes to the rapid growth of educational technologies within Jewish education initiatives, it is important to understand the various details involved in making successful investments with maximum impact.

Explore the following pages to learn more about integral elements to becoming an investor in educational innovation.

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