Establishing a JED Tech Coalition Fund

Establishing a JED Tech Coalition Fund

As the Smart Money report suggests, one way to develop the EdTech sector involves pooled EdTech investment funds. Pooled funding can range from purely commercial private equity/ venture capital models to traditional grantmaking.

In the “impact first” field of Jewish EdTech, purely commercial investing strategies are of highly limited benefit. While we wouldn’t rule this out, we would suggest a hybrid approach known as Venture Philanthropy . This approach combines the longer term horizons afforded by patient capital with the rapid innovation cycles that accompany the lean startup methodology

Consider an example of what a Jewish EdTech coalition fund might look like:

Hypothetical Details for Jewish Education Technology Coalition Fund:

In this hypothetical Jewish EdTech coalition fund, the goal is to implement one strategy (venture philanthropic approach) for two funds (an innovation fund and a growth fund).

Fund 1: The Innovation Fund

  • Focus areas:
    • Content – building a critical mass of quality content
    • Access – creating access points to new and existing content
    • Distribution – innovating with new EdTech forums for distribution of Jewish content
    • Implementation – getting tech ready (infrastructure and human resources), and staying tech ready (ongoing tech support and maintenance)

Fund 2: The Growth Fund

  • Scaling what works – strengthening the ecosystem
  • Identifying scale – ready existing operators in the 4 focus areas
  • Portfolio approach to the full continuum to grow the ecosystem

Make a Difference and Contribute to the World of Jewish EdTech

As a potential funder looking to make an investment that contributes to the rapid growth of educational technologies within Jewish education initiatives, it is important to understand the various details involved in making successful investments with maximum impact.

Explore the following pages to learn more about integral elements to becoming an investor in educational innovation.

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