Implementation support & capacity building

Implementation support & capacity building

Recently, a pivotal document titled Smart Money: Recommendations for an Education Technology and Digital Engagement Investment Strategy was published, laying a strong foundation for investing in the sector of EdTech. The report recommends eight “Best Investing Strategies.” To address funders’ specific skills, capabilities, and appetites for risk, we have divided the Smart Money recommendations into two broad categories:

Active investment strategies

  • Partner with companies and organizations already active in the EdTech space
  • Track and commission products that emerge from the general EdTech space for a Jewish audience
  • Invest significant grants in developing new content by harnessing “Proven Talent” and general EdTech companies
  • Invest in crossover opportunities

Passive investment strategies

  • Invest limited funds in pooled EdTech investment funds
  • Invest in field building by using smaller innovation grants
  • Invest in collaboration among the best of existing Jewish EdTech producers
  • Infrastructure

Make a Difference and Contribute to the World of Jewish EdTech

As a potential funder looking to make an investment that contributes to the rapid growth of educational technologies within Jewish education initiatives, it is important to understand the various details involved in making successful investments with maximum impact.

Explore the following pages to learn more about integral elements to becoming an investor in educational innovation.

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