Investing at an Ecosystem Level

Investing at an Ecosystem Level

Jewish EdTech poses additional challenges over and above those that accompany general EdTech. In addition to improving learning outcomes, developing skills, and transferring knowledge, Jewish Action (however defined) requires its own metrics of evaluating leading and lagging performance.

Funders of Jewish EdTech will differ on how they define Jewish Action; but all would agree that beyond improved academic performance, an effective strategy will involve both superior implementation and robust monitoring.

Implications for funders

In some philanthropic strategies, implementation is too often blindsided and deprived of adequate funding in favor of funding allocated to content enhancement and creation. Yet within the educational continuum, if implementation is poor, investments in content, software and hardware are wasteful expenditures. For this reason, funding towards implementation of EdTech tools is equally essential to the creation of educative content itself.

Below is a brief overview of the educational continuum. Additional information on this subject is available here.

Make a Difference and Contribute to the World of Jewish EdTech

As a potential funder looking to make an investment that contributes to the rapid growth of educational technologies within Jewish education initiatives, it is important to understand the various details involved in making successful investments with maximum impact.

Explore the following pages to learn more about integral elements to becoming an investor in educational innovation.

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